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Master Facebook & Instagram Ads

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I’m really active on Instagram but not on Facebook, does that matter?

Even if you are an influencer on Instagram but don’t have a large audience on Facbeook, this advertising platform is still for you. Facebook owns Instagram which means the only way to run Instagram ads is through Facebook.  For people who are experienced in running these ads we know how to segment your audience based on platform and provide split tested data to show exactly how successful ads are for each audience and each platform.

What does a Facebook or Instagram ad look like when I’m a fashion blogger?

A Facebook or Instagram ad for a fashion blogger would basically be anything from your blog or Facebook page that you want to promote outside of the limited number of people who see it organically.  If you have a blog post that gets high traffic, or generates high income, then you want to create an ad promoting it.

How much will I have to put towards Facebook ad spend?

You can spend as little as $2 a day and run the ads for as short of a period as you want, no commitment. I generally will spend $2-5 a day in ad spend. I also turn the ads on and off throughout the month.  Sometimes I’ll run one through a weekend, other times I might skip a month entirely. Once the campaign is built it’s there to turn on and off with the click of a button.

I don’t have a large social media audience, does that matter?

Not at all! The goal in running your ads is to find your ideal audience, especially the people who would probably like you but don’t know about you yet.  If you have a fashion blog and think that a lot of Pink Peonies followers would love your blog, you can run your ads directly to her followers. If you think  your audience is a mom who is 31, lives in Los Angeles, shops at Nordstroms, has a preschooler, and makes over $80,000 a year – you can also run ads directly to people who fit that profile.  Seriously the targeting data Facebook (and as a result Instagram) is insanely powerful.

Do these ads work well with LiketoKnow.it and RewardStyle or ShopStyle posts?

Yes, absolutely. This is where these ads can really shine when you have the right audience, targeting and objectives.

How do these ads help when I’m getting paid to do a sponsored post?

Great question.  To be part of an influencer community with paid opportunities, you most likely have to report your site traffic through a Google Analytics tracking code.  That means, the influencer community and brands will see your current site traffic, traffic from social media, social media engagement and even how many clicks your sponsored post received.  If you have low traffic on your blog but high followers, likes and comments on social media, brands will want to look at you for only social media sponsorships or think that maybe a metric in social media is being falsely inflated.



If you are interested in learning how to grow your audience and website traffic using Facebook & Instagram ads, you’re in the right place.

Just join the wait list and as soon as we’re done with the finishing touches on the course, you’ll be the first to know.

Anyone who is on the wait list is going to get both early access to the course content and a discount for being an early member. Don’t miss your chance to join the waist list because spaces are limited.

Great, so how does it work, exactly?

Inside the course are 3 sections and 9 training modules where I teach you everything you need to know to succeed with running Facebook & Instagram ads on your own.

You’re going to learn the best content to promote, how to find the right audience for your content, how to track your website visitors and target people who look just like them on Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll teach you how to determine if a campaign is successful and how to use Facebook and Instagram ads to raise the revenue on your affiliate links.  You will also get an inside look at my ad account and the ad campaign that took me from 100 to over 8,300 visitors in one day.




without breaking the bank (and losing your mind) !

Course Membership
$128 one-time

Master Facebook & Instagram Ads

Lifetime access to the course and all bonuses
Full Details